Feelin’ It: Screenshots.

I really love this music video. Can I be Gabi, please?

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Feelin’ It 

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lettheheart-doitsjob said: My name is Skylar and I'm 19, almost 20! Thanks :)

You sat there in your dorm room, trying to crank out your final paper of the semester. The more you typed, the more your hatred for the class grew, and the more you wanted to pull all your hair out.

To your left, your phone suddenly began to vibrate on your bed, indicating you had a call. With an annoyed groan you picked it up and looked at the screen. The second you noticed the name on the screen, however, a smile crept onto your lips in a flash.

Quickly accepting the call, you placed the phone to your ear.

"Scotty cooke. Thought I wouldn’t be hearing from you anytime soon" you said, jokingly.

"Well Miss Skylar, I can’t leave my favorite girl hanging. Anywho, what are you up to?" he asked, a hint of amusement in his tone.

"Oh nothing, just trying to crank out my last paper of the semester. How about you?" you asked, staring blankly at your computer screen.

"Oh, ya know, just standing outside the door of my beautiful girlfriend’s dorm room" he said simply. Your eyes went wide for a second, until you were able to fully process his words.

"No your not!" you said, quickly getting up and running to the door.

In one swift movement, you pulled opened the door. Standing there, just as he said, was Scotty. 

"Oh yes I am" he chuckled, pulling his phone from his ear and quickly shoving it in his pocket. Then he held his arms out to you, "come here beautiful" he said barely about a whisper.

In a second you were cloaked within his arms, tears threatening to spill. 

"Shhh it’s okay, darling" he hums into your ear, as he leads you back into your room, and closing the door gently behind him, "I’m here. I’m not going anywhere."

"I missed you so much."

"I missed yo too, Skylar. Now come on, lets go get that paper finished, so we can have some us time" he said with a smile, leading you back to your bed, where your laptop sat.

Hope you liked it (:

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Anonymous said: HI! I was wondering if you could write me a Scotty imagine? My name is Megan. Thanks! :)

"Seriously, Megan. Just go and talk to him! Don’t be shy! He’s a nice boy!" Your mom said, pushing you off in the direction of the new neighbor boy. You stumbled slightly, but caught yourself before you could make an embarrassment of yourself. 

"Mom, stop" you mumbled, looking back at her. 

"Honey. Just go. I promise he won’t bite, unless maybe you want him to" she trailed off, chuckling slightly.

"Mom" you whined softly, and she laughed some more.

"Oh, just go. You’ll be fine" she said, shooing you off, but you stood right there, not moving an inch. She then glared at you, and that sent you back a few steps.

Rolling your eyes you turned and began to make your way to the neighbor boy, who was stood in his driving, talking with a guy, who you assumed was his father, and your own father.

As you got closer the boy turned and looked at you, smiling gently before looking back towards your father. Your heart began to thump heavily as the second your hit the asphalt driveway. They must of heard your footsteps, because all three pairs of eyes turned towards you, including the boy’s.

"Um, hi, dad" you said quietly, trying not to seem too awkward.

"hi, bud. What’s up?" he asked, messing your hair up a bit, you gave him a look and he just chuckled. 

"Nothing, mom just said I should come over and introduce myself" you shrugged, and your dad ‘ahh’d understanding what his wife was up to. "Right, so, I’m Megan.It’s nice to meet you" you said, stretching a hand out towards the father figure, he took it briefly.

"Hi there. I’m Mike McCreery, and this is my son, Scotty" he said, pulling his hand from your and placing it on his son’s shoulder.

Scotty gave you a wide smile the second you held your hand out to him. He took it strongly in his, but shook it gently.

"It’s nice to meet you, Megan" he said. You facial expression slightly faltered at the deepness of his voice, but you recollected yourself and nodded.

"Why don’t you to go off and get to know each other? Maybe Megan can give you a tour of the town?" Your dad suggested, and you instantly gave him the same look your mom had given you only minutes ago.

"Yeah I’d like that" Scotty said, putting his arm out for you to take, and in a second you hand your arm linked with his.


Minutes later you were a good couple blocks away from home, and had shown him the main aspects of town.  The conversation between you two was rather casual, nothing to special. That was until he cleared his throat, and smiled at you.

"It’s a good thing you came over when you did, earlier" he said, jutting his thumb behind you two, referring to back at the house.

"And why was that?" you asked.

"Well just moments before, my dad and your dad were trying to get me to go and talk to you. But as you can tell, I was a bit of a chicken" he shrugged.

"Why were you a bit of a chicken?" you asked, getting more confused as sentence after sentence slipped off his tongue.

"I was always get nervous around pretty girls" he shrugged, and a pink tint instantly sprung to your cheeks.

"Oh" you could only manage.

"Yeah. I was a bit worried you would’ve struck me down" he continued. 

"Where in the world would you get the idea that I would struck you down?" you asked, stepping in front of so he’d stop right in his tracks,

"Well your dad was saying how you’re not like most girls, and how you’re strong headed."

"Oh goodness, that’s just his way of saying that I’m an independent girl. He really needs to learn how to word his sentences better" you say, shaking your head.

"Well you’re definitely was i was expecting" he smiled.

"Is that a bad thing?" you asked, and he stepped a little closer.

"No. It’s a good thing" he said, reaching down and taking your hand in his.  "You’re a beautiful girl, Megan" he whispers finally. 

"Well, McCreery. That’s sweet of you to say, and I’m sorry to ruin the moment, but i think my dad will be worrying if I’m not back soon. So lets get going" you chuckle, pulling him down the block as he nodded in agreement. 

Hope you liked it (:

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I’ve found 1 McCreerian so far who’s going to the July 30th Scotty concert. There has to be more out there! Where you guys at? Friday Jul 7 @ 12:48am

Decided to make this quick edit! (:
not my quote, nor my pictures (:
but it’s my edit so that why i have my name on the bottom, haha!

Just thought I’d bring this back (:


Decided to make this quick edit! (:

not my quote, nor my pictures (:

but it’s my edit so that why i have my name on the bottom, haha!

Just thought I’d bring this back (:

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bridge--to-nowhere said: Your imagines are soooooo good, I love reading them even though they aren't for me :)

Oh my goodness! I love you so much! Thank you so much! <3 If you ever want one just leave me an ask with your name and age and I’ll get to it as soon as i can! (: 

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Seriously, the cutest dork that I have ever seen…

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Anonymous said: Girl my name is Rhiannon aka Wasitfateorsomethingelse :) and I would LOVE an imagine by you :D

Scotty’s POV

"Scotty, calm down" my mom said calmly, in a motherly tone. 

"I’m trying, momma, I’m trying" I said, basically jumping out of my shoes. 

"I’m gonna go out there, it’s almost time to start!" she almost squealed, before turning around and heading out of the thick wooden doors.

Turning away from the doors and now facing the body length mirror, I stared intently at my reflection. Looking over every inch of my body, from my shined shoes, to my well-styled hair,

Fixing my tie, I took a deep breath and turned around and headed towards the doors. Placing my hands on the smooth wood, I pushed through and stopped in my tracks the second i noticed all eyes were on me. Shrugging it off I briskly walked down the aisle, smiling at familiar faces as I went. 

I took a stand next to the priest and my grooms-men and waited. 

This was the moment.

The moment I had been waiting for since I first laid eyes on her. 

She was beautiful, still is. Breath-taking, actually. 

Rhiannon was everything I had ever wanted. She took my breath away, in every single thing she did. 

She brought light into my darkest days.

She had filled my soul with laughter, and my heart with love. 

And I thank God every day for her. 

Music suddenly filled the small area, bringing my attention away from my thoughts and towards the familiar faced girls who came towards me.

One by one girl came by, sneakily smiling at me as they stood a few feet away. Then she appeared. She was draped in white, and a soft smile graced her lips. Her arm was linked with her father’s, as he lead her in my direction. 

My heart beat hitched, and before I knew it she was stood right in front of me. Taking her hands in mine I let out a shaky breath, before whispering out a simple ” I love you.”

Rhiannon was the one for me, and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

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manda-i-am said: Can I have an imagine please? My name is Amanda and I'm 21. Thanks!

"Alright, campers! Lets get our life jackets on and head out onto that lake!" you called, once the whistle had silenced the rowdy twelve to sixteen year old girls. 

The girls squealed loudly as they hopped down from their bunks and all raced past you, out into the afternoon sunlight. Laughing softly you followed after them. 

Minutes later you were pushing the final boat away from the dock and stood up, watching as yet another set of energized young girls set off amongst the murky water.

"You call that campers?" a deep voice whispered inches from your ear, leading you to jump away and almost fall into the water, but a hand around your waist caught you in time.

Looking behind you, you found those familiar, gentle, amused blue eyes staring back at you.

"Scott Cooke McCreery, hasn’t your mother ever told you not to scare a woman?" you asked, crossing your arms as you stepped out of his grip.

He chuckled, and placed his hands into the pockets of his khaki shorts, “nope, she’s never mentioned that rule about women.”

"Well she should have" you sneered.

"Oh come on Amanda, lighten up" he said placing his hands on your shoulders and shaking you lightly. Rolling your eyes you pushed his hands off your shoulders and stepped back away.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, arching an eyebrow at you, all while stepping towards you.

You opened your mouth to speak, but clamped your lips into a thin line the second you had heard giggling girls nearing you.

"We’ll talk about this later" you mumbled, before turning back to face the incoming girls, who two at a time climbed out of their boats and tied them to the dock, before running for the mess hall.


Hours later you sat around the fire, along with the rest of the counselors and the campers of Camp Golden Eagle.

After finishing the closing song for the evening you stood up and began to head to your cabin. 

"Night counselor Amanda!" one of your campers, Alysha, said happily as she ran off for her cabin.

"Good night, Alysha!" you waved off to the young girl, before taking the path that lead to your cabin. 

Seconds of being in view of your cabin you suddenly felt a tug on your wrist, causing your body to halt. Turning around you came face to face with those blue eyes, for a second time that day.

"Scotty…" you trailed off. 

"You said we could talk later, it’s later" he said, lips set in a thin line. 

Rolling your eyes, you walked over to a log that laid off to the side of the path. Scotty followed suit. 

"What’s going on? We used to be so close?" he asked. 

"Scotty. We broke up. That’s what happened. How did you think I was going to react?"

You took a second to read over his face.

"Scotty, I was in love with you! There was no way in heck I was going to be all fine and dandy, alright? I’m sorry i’m not reacting the way you’d like me too. I’m sorry there’s no skip in my step, or a smile constantly on my face. You broke up with me and that really hurt, and the-" 

Before you could finish your rant, Scotty suddenly placed his hands on either side of your face and crashed his lips onto yours. The kiss lingered for a few, needed, moments. Then he pulled away. He looked over every detail, trying to decipher the emotion that traced your features. 


"Don’t say a word. I know I was stupid. An idiot. I was every harsh word you can throw at me, I deserve it. What I did was foolish, and I regret it from the moment I did it. I am in love with you Amanda, and I need you more than anything. Please" he breathed out.

It was a lot to take in at first, but when your found your lips back on Scotty’s once more, you knew everything would be alright. 

Thursday Jul 7 @ 12:00am
Feelin It music video will be released on Vevo this week or early next week Wednesday Jul 7 @ 11:35pm

maddymarie9 said: Ahh! I'm so happy your writing again! I love all the one shots, and the Spark fanfiction! If you can will you write me one?? My names is Madison (or Maddy) and I'm 18. Thanks!!

Awww you are the sweetest!!!!


"Seriously Madison, are you and your friends just going to sit out and tan all day?" your dad asked, as he unloaded the fishing gear from the truck bed. 

"You got that right!" you said, pulling your sunglasses down from the top of your head and onto the bridge of your nose. Your dad just chuckled as he watched you girls lay out your towels on the dock, before heading for the boat that waded near by.

Pulling off your bathing suit cover, you quickly set that aside and then laid down on your towel. Your friend following suit, taking a spot right now to you.

The sound of the boat engine roared to life, and it slowly faded down into the distance. The warmth of the sun encased your entire body as you laid there, trying to soak up as much sunlight as possible.

"Well look who’s here" your friend Alysha (I obviously had to make an appearance ;D haha!) suddenly commented. Sitting up quickly, you could see the figures out two guys heading your way. Pushing your sunglasses onto your head, you got a better look at the guys as they then reached your. 

"Hey girls" James said, sitting down in front of you girls. 

"Hey" you three said in unison. 

"So, what are you girls doing out here? All by yourselves?" James continued.

"We’re not alone, we have each other" Alysha stated, and you nodded in agreement. 

"Well, would you mind if Scotty and I join you?" he asked. 

You girls just shrugged and l laid back down, taking in the rays once more. 

Closing your eyes, you had a few moments of silence before you heard bickering. Opening one eye and looking to your right, you found Scoitty and James fighting over the spot directly next to you. 

"Will you boys just take a seat" you laughed, and the two boys looked at you then, wide eyed. 

"Um, yeah" Scotty said, sitting down as fast as he could. 

"Dude, I was going to sit there" James mumbled. 

"Just sit down" Scotty mumbled back, pushing James slightly. 

Rolling your eyes, you turned your glance back up to the sky, but the sudden yelp next you lead you to look back. 

In a quick blur you watched as James went splashing into the water, head first. 

When he resurfaced, his face was bright red with embarrassment. 

"Sorry about that, man" Scotty said sheepishly. 

"Yeah, yeah, whatever" James mumbled, pulling himself back onto the dock and heading towards the parking lot.

"I’m going to go check on him" Alysha said, jumping to her feet and following behind James. 

That just left you and Scotty there. Awkwardly you smiled at im, and he smiled back.

"So…" he trailed out.

"So…" you copied him, and you both laughed. 

"I was thinking, maybe we could head on out of here. Go catch a movie or something. Seeing as Alysha and James are getting along real well" he said, pointing out towards the two mindlessly talking at the truck. 

"I’d like that" you said happily.

With a smile Scotty instantly stood up, pulling you to your feet along side him. Taking your hand he began to lead you over to his truck, but a sudden yell of your name and the roar of an engine stopped you. 

"Shoot" you mumbled, turning around and coming face to face with your dad. 

"Hi dad" you said nonchalantly.

"Hi there, Madison. Now care to explain where you’re heading off to?" he asked, crossing his arms the second he stepped up to you and Scotty.

"I was just about to go hang out with Scotty for a little bit, if that’s alright?" you asked. 

With a soft smile, your dad nodded.

"I guess so, but not without a proper introduction." he said to you, then turned and faced Scotty, "Hi Scotty. I’m Madison’s dad."

A wide smile stretched onto Scotty face as he extended his arm out towards your father.

"Hell, sir. It’s very nice to meet you" 

And with these few words, you instantly knew Scotty had won your fathers heart as a proud smile stretched onto your dad’s face.

Hope you liked it! 

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be-free-53 said: My name is Abby and I am 15! Thanks!! :)

"Let me love you" he whispered calmly into your ear. You pulled away slightly from the hug, and stared your teary eyes up at Scotty. 

"What?" you whispered. 

He licked his lips, clearing his throat as well. He pulls his hands away from your back, but they took hold of your hands instead. 

"I said, let me love you. Abby, I can see the pain behind your eyes. It’s been there for awhile. He puts you through so much pain. I wouldn’t do that to you" he whispered.

"Scotty.." you trailed off, looking down at the floor.

"Listen. Abby, I’ve been in love with you since I was 13. But i never said a word. I didn’t want to ruin anything for you. I thought one day you’d see how I felt, but I got passed by for, for him! I let it go though, I wanted you to be happy. You’re not happy. I can see it. And I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines, faking support for a relationship that I can’t bear to see together." he spoke between gritted teeth, his face growing red with every word. 

"Scotty, calm down" you said, placing your hands on his shoulders.

"How can I be calm when the love of my life is being torn down by some idiot!" he was seething. 

"Because, you should let me love you" you said, before inching onto your tiptoes and placing a gentle kiss on his lips. 

All the tension in his body melted the second he felt your touch. 

He knew every moment from this point on would be different. No more him faking support, or you being torn down. He would be allowed to love you, openly. And he would receive the love from you aswell.

Hope you like it (:

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*Imagine: Face Timing/Skyping with Scotty McCreery… [x]

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