1 week till my Scotty concert.

and i still haven’t gotten the M&G e-mail I MUST KNOW IF I’M MEETING HIM OR NOT

It’s making me so anxious just waiting.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 08:48pm
Scotty and Mia Robertson (:

Scotty and Mia Robertson (:

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 04:07pm
Aw, what a cute family (:

Aw, what a cute family (:

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He can go from absolutely adorable to extremely hot in seconds 

Friday Jul 7 @ 02:28am

jessicanicole3000 said: Hey! I was wondering if you could write me an imagine, my name is Jessica and I'm 20. Thank you!!

"Scotty. You missed the turn again!" you whined. 

"Oh, did i?" he asked, a hint of humor on his words. 

"Yes! I’m starting to think you’re doing it on purpose!"

"What would give you that idea, Jessica?" he asked, smirking at you, before looking back at the road.

"That was the third time you misse- WAIT! You are doing it on purpose!" you looked at him gobsmacked. 

"Took you long enough to realize" he said, and you suddenly felt his arm snake around your waist. "We’re just taking the long way home."

"Why exactly are you doing that?" you asked, confused as to why your boyfriend of three years would miss the turn he’d driven down thousands of time.

"Because I don’t want to be wasting my time alone" he shrugged, "the longer it takes to get you home, the longer I get to spend with you. And that’s all I could ask for" he said, lifting up your hand and kissing your fingers briefly. 

"I love you" you spoke, resting your head on his shoulder. 

"I love you too" he said, pressing down on the brake as you came to the next stop sign, then he turned and kissed the top of your head.

Hope you liked it (:

Thursday Jul 7 @ 12:44am

Anonymous said: Hey I would love an imagine! My names Emily and I'm 18! Thank you! :)

"McCreery, you are such an idiot" you laughed, gently pushing him with your shoulder. 

"Look who’s talking, Emily" he mumbled, swaying back in forth with the wii remote tightly in his grasp. 

You opened your mouth to say something, but clamped it shut to stop the roar of laughter that would come to follow, as you watched Scotty’s Mario character’s kart fall into the lava. 

"Shut up Emily, you just wish you had these skills" he jokingly said, pushing you to the floor in an attempt to distract you. 

"Oh really Scott? Well look who came in first place, AGAIN!" you cheered as you stood up and started dancing in front of the TV screen, leading Scotty to fall to twelfth place.

Hearing his groan of defeat you stifled yet another laugh, but the moment his arms were wrapping around your waste, and you went crashing to the floor, the laughter came out in a flurry of giggles.

"Oh yeah? Well who’s the loser now?" he asked, tickling your sides.

"I still am" you said in between giggles.

"No. I think i am" he said, taking his hands from your body, and placing them on either side of you, hovering above you. There was a cheesin’ grin plastered on his face, and you knew whatever he was about to say would send you blushing.

"And why is that, Scotty?"

"Because I have you" he said, and you were right, the redness grew on your cheeks in a matter of seconds.

"you’re such a dork" you mumbled, before leaning up and kissing him. He chuckled into the kiss and when you began to pull away his lips followed yours to make it last a few seconds longer.  

Hope you liked it (:

Thursday Jul 7 @ 12:44am

scottyisbetterthanthat said: Hi, my name is Megan and I'm 17. I was really hoping you could write me a Scotty imagine? They are really good. Thanks!

With colors streaking your hair, skinny jeans so tight, and the mischievous smile that was always present on your lips, you were the “bad-girl” of Garner Magnet Highschool, and you loved it.

You never intentionally wanted to be the school’s bad girl. You didn’t hop out of bed one day and thought ‘hmmm, I think I’ll start wearing ripped jeans and streaking my hair with various colors, to give myself the bad girl rep’. It didn’t just happen like that, It happened accidentally, unexpectedly. No one had expected it, really. 


The final bell of the school day rang throughout the building, and instantly the seat your body occupied was now empty as you took a few quick strides out of the room.

Reaching your locker you quickly twisted in the combination. Yanking open the unbearable blue door, you watched as a folded up piece of paper slipped from the top shelf, landing freely onto your feet. 

Swiftly bending over and picking it up, you put your books away, then slammed the door shut as you left your locker. 

The hallways buzzed with life, but that diminished second by second as each student left the building, including yourself. 

Once you were safely in your car and away from anyone else, you unfolded the note and skimmed the scrawled out writing.

"I know the real you. Meet me at midnight. You know where. -S"

Seeing the last letter made you groan, but you folded the paper back up and put it in the passenger seat. 


Hours had ticked by and each member of your family had finally found their way to their rooms, each falling asleep so effortlessly it hurt you. 

When the clock struck midnight you found yourself grabbing the note off of your desk, then heading over towards the window. It was mere moments before you were walking across the shingled roof top. In the moonlight you could see his figure down below, carelessly staring up at the moon. Rolling your eyes you lowered down onto the rooftop and crawled the rest of the way to the ladder.

Feeling the hard earth below you, you let out a relaxed breath, then turned towards his direction.

In a few steps you were stood right in front of him.

"Whats this about?" you asked, tossing him the note. 

He caught it swiftly, but chuckled as he tossed it to the ground.

"It is what it is" he shrugged, then crossing his arms. 

"McCreery, I’m not looking for any funny business here."

"Neither am I, Megan."

"Then why the heck did you want to meet me out here? We haven’t talked in four years!" you said a little frustrated with his antics. 

"That’s why. I want to rekindle what we had before Megan. It’s lousy how we both gave up on each other, especially when we needed each other the most" he whispered, stepping closer to you.

You scrutinized his expression for a moment. He always was difficult to read.

"You’ve gone crazy, Scotty" you mumbled. 

"Yeah. Crazy for you" he said, grabbing hold of your hand, "I wish i never would have given up on you. If i didn’t you probably wouldn’t be in this phase" he said, motioning to your "bad girl" attire.

"It’s not a phase Scotty. It’s me. I feel most comfortable like this" you stated.

"Well then, I like this Megan" he smiled.

"You do?" 

"Yes. You’re you, and that’s all that matters" he breathed out.

Before you could respond you found yourself now wrapped in his arms. 

"Thank you" you breathed out, right next to his ear, and he just rubbed your back in response.

Hope you liked it (:

Thursday Jul 7 @ 12:44am
Wednesday Jul 7 @ 11:49pm
"@ScottyMcCreery: Dagum… I guess the lady always wins?? But its the derby?! Hmmmm pic.twitter.com/nTutB4fkd1" 

"@ScottyMcCreery: Dagum… I guess the lady always wins?? But its the derby?! Hmmmm

Monday Jul 7 @ 09:52pm

i thought this was important


i thought this was important

Saturday Jul 7 @ 05:01pm

Au meme: You’re Scotty McCreery’s girlfriend.

Gifs are not mine! They belong to ItahMcCreery (hope you don’t mind me using them, Itah!)

Friday Jul 7 @ 10:39am

Feelin’ It: Screenshots.

I really love this music video. Can I be Gabi, please?

Friday Jul 7 @ 10:13am
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